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News: CD Release

There has been a growing interest for the music of George Enescu for quite some time, especially among young pianists like Daria Parkhomenko. For Daria, the winner of George Enescu Piano Competition 2018, it is the “mixture of Romanian folklore and turn of the century French music” that she finds so thrilling and “the colorfulness and melancholy of his music” that captivate her. For her debut CD, the pianist has selected three large-format piano works that were written in very different creative phases of the composer.

Robert Nemecek, 2022

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Daria Parkhomenko, a young Russian pianist of Romanian origin, is one of the most promising talents of her generation. Described as a “leading lady” by the international piano press on her 1st place victory at the world-renowned George Enescu Piano Competition in 2018, Daria has performed at some of the world’s most renowned concert halls and has appeared with several of the world’s leading conductors and orchestras.

Through her generous movements on the instrument and a feel for the piano that seemed like painting color on a canvas, Daria’s feelings were externalized in sounds, which made up the sublime, romantic music." 



Daria Parkhomenko - Enescu Piano Album | CD Trailer
DARIA PARKHOMENKO - Stipendiatenportraits #8
Daria Parkhomenko - Locul I
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